Meet the Dogs Club Team

Susy Lastra-Jackson

Susy Lastra-Jackson is the founder of Dogs Club Sheffield. She runs our Group Dog walking service, which involves recall games, scent games, Dog Parkour and socialisation skills for puppies and nervous dogs.
Susy worked in education for over 15 years but over the last 4 years has been studying and been involved in dog training / socialisation. She has studied Canine Science and Dog Training at Foundation Degree level.
Susy is currently the ONLY Dog Parkour UK certified instructor in South Yorkshire!


Andy is the co-owner of Dogs Club Sheffield.

He has currently taken time away from the business to focus on a new project.

He is still supporting in the background with our admin work and IT support.

Andy Jackson

Ringo Jackson

Ringo is the canine companion of Susy and Andy. He’s a male GSD with plenty of character and a cheeky personality.

Ringo has acheived his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club ‘Good Citizens’ awards. He loves doing tricks, playing in water and long walks in the countryside.

Ringo has won certifications in Dog Parkour, reaching Dog Parkour UK Level 3 status and is currently working towards completing Level 4.

Dogs Club crew

Please meet the fantastic dogs we currently have as members of the Dogs Club Crew