Linacre Reservoir

Amazing Dog Walks: Linacre Reservoirs

Address: Woodnook Ln, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield S42 7JW
Dogs Club Rating: 8/10

Important Information: Please be aware that there has been known instances of Blue-Green Algae at this location in the past. For more information about the dangers of this please check out the advice from Blue-Cross:

This weekend’s walk took us a little out of Sheffield over towards Chesterfield, near Barlow, where we experienced the amazing Linacre Reservoirs.

Linacre consists of brilliant nature walks around it’s three reservoirs and the woodland surrounding them. The route is a 5-mile circular one that took us roughly two hours to walk with Ringo GSD, but there are plenty of side trails and tracks that could keep you entertained for much longer.

In addition, there are a some really nice streams that feed into / from the reservoirs. Ringo enjoyed paddling about in these (see advisory note above about Blue-Green Algae). These are accessible via tracks or a little ‘off roading’ to scrabble down to the water’s edge.

We would have happily stayed longer had we had the change to pay for longer parking (See note about car parking below).

If you like taking photographs whilst you are out you will find plenty of fantastic opportunities here.  Depending on where you are the waters can take on a hypnotic green colouring to the deepest blue; and in the more open spaces it captures the reflection of the surrounding woodland and skyline.

Along the trails there are some excellent opportunities to try out your Dog Parkour skills. Here are a couple of snaps of Ringo practicing his straddle and his 4 paws

When we visited there had been a spell of good weather, however, we would expect that had there been some rain it could get quite muddy underfoot. We strongly recommend that this not put you off visiting, just ensure you have the best footwear for the given season.

The site is family friendly and the main trails are wide enough for children and prams to navigate. The site is split up on the map into a jigsaw, each piece having an information board which can be used to do ‘rubbings’ as an activity for the children.

Something that would improve Linacre would be the addition of a small cafe as the only thing on site is an ice-cream van. Due to this, if you are wanting to spend a longer time here a packed lunch might be a good idea. There are some picnic tables scattered about but you could also set up on any of the reservoir grass banks which provide ample space to sit down and relax.

Access to Linacre is down a one-way narrow track. There are spaces to allow oncoming traffic through but it can be a bit of a squeeze, especially for wider vehicles. There are two public car parks (+ one for season ticket holders) but please be aware that the ticket machines only take cash.

Site Information

Below is information about the site which we think you might find useful.

  • Car Parking – (£1.50 for 2hrs / £3 all day) The parking is cash only. The nearest cash machine is some distance away so we would recommend that you have the change on you prior to arriving.
  • Toilets –Facilities were located at the Ranger Station. They were clean and hygienic. Overall the whole site looked to be very well maintained and looked after.
  • Waste Disposal – Whilst we didn’t see too many bins around the walk itself there were some around the ranger station and the car parks.
  • Bridle Ways / Cycling – Linacre does have both cycle routes and bridleways (see map above) so please be aware of those around you
  • Other Dogs – this is a popular place for dog walking so expect to come across other pooches whilst you are there.
  • Cattle / Livestock – We did see some livestock on the surrounding fields. There are quite a few small birds / ducks around, so if your dog likes that sort of thing a vigilant eye and lead are a must.
  • Conservation Areas – around the location there are a few conservation areas which are sign posted for dogs to be placed on lead. As ever please respect these requests for the good of all parties who are frequenting Linacre
  • Disability / Mobility access – as you can imagine for a site like this most of the trails are soil / earth based and as such in wet weather would be extremely difficult to traverse. We would suggest that you contact the site owners to seek further information for this.

Post Walk

After our walk we drove to a local pub just round the corner, The Peacock (4.4*), for a cooling drink and a little snack. The drinks were nice (albeit a bit expensive) and the food was of a good standard.

There are also two other public houses in the area which we did not get a chance to try: The Three Merry Lads (4.2*) & The Gate Inn (4.6*)

In summary

If you are looking for a brilliant place to take in amazing scenery and woodlands Linacre Reservoirs is the place for you. A relaxing walk where your dog will have plenty of exploring and playing to keep them entertained.

The site is well maintained and managed by Severn Trent Water. If Linacre is an example of what their locations are like we look forward to exploring some of the others shown on the map below.

Other Severn Trent sites

Author: Andrew Jackson
Publish Date: 26/09/2019

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