What is Parkour?

Dog Parkour is one of the newest, most exciting sports around and dogs love it! In Parkour dogs are climbing, balancing, jumping and having lots of fun whilst building body confidence.

The idea behind the sport is to encourage dogs to engage with different obstacles around them in numerous ways, building a stronger working relationhsip between dog and handler whilst also increasing the dogs confidence and body awareness.

Our online courses are ran by Susy Lastra-Jackson who is the  ONLY Dog Parkour UK certified instructor in South Yorkshire.

Dog Parkour is a safe, non-competitive sport that can be done anywhere, by any breed and at any age. No special equipment is needed and the only limit is yours and your dog’s imagination.

There are 4 levels available to train and progress through. Each level will cover new skills and an increased level of difficulty on skills learnt previously.

All seasons, indoor or outdoor, parks, city streets, woodland – walks will never be the same again! Check out below for some great photos of our clients out enjoying their new found skills.

Or, check out our page with the full list of upcoming courses